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Re:Nueva V-Masque
« Respuesta #90 en: 09/12/2011, 11:48:27 am »
I am Markus, from germany.
Since a few weeks I own a V-Masque. I modified it now to the “new” Version framed with 5 Pt roots. For the bridle a use the data of Ramlal for building the new bridle:
” las medidas de las bridas, antes de hacer los nudos:

- La brida de incidencia o principal, entre la varilla superior y la cruz central, pasa a medir 158 cm. Midiendo desde arriba,
hacemos una marca a 20 cm (para realizar el lazo superior), una marca a 74.5 cm donde con un nudo prusik ataremos
la brida de conexión a las lineas (que no varía) y una marca a 138 cm (para realizar el lazo inferior).

- La brida del ala pasa a medir 82.5 cm, y realizaremos una marca a 20 cm de cada extremo para los lazos.

- Este bridage corresponde a la nueva version de la V-Masque, puesta a punto por Denis Placette. Las otras particularidades son las siguientes:”

I was not shure wich rope a have to use for building the bridle. So I built two bridles, first with a 90 daN rope the second with a 130 daN rope.
The both bridles I built effects different length for the three leg depanding on the used briddle rope (I detected differences of more than 3 cm.).

So I´m not shure my briddle is now correct in the effictive (netto) length of the legs, meassured from frame (leading edge/center T) to the central knot of the briddle.

My meassurments:

upper outer leg (upper wing bridle): 56,5 cm;
inner leg (Center T  bridle): 62cm
lower outer leg: 53,5 cm.

I know that there are some V-Masques in Spain. In Germany this kite is very rare. PAW modified his V-Masque, so he couldn´t help me…
Please can you send me the correct effective (netto) leg sizes and if possible the conector position on the leading edges.
My V-Masque will be very lucky for this informations and the pilot to ;-)

Many thanks for your help

Re:Nueva V-Masque
« Respuesta #91 en: 09/12/2011, 12:50:02 pm »
Ok Mape, give me some days and I will say you all dates.... I have not my V-Masque at home.... ok?


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Re:Nueva V-Masque
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Re:Nueva V-Masque
« Respuesta #93 en: 11/12/2011, 15:02:09 pm »
Hi Markus, this is my bridle in V-Masque:

upper outer leg (upper wing bridle): 57.5 cm
inner leg (Center T  bridle): 66.5 cm
lower outer leg: 53.5 cm

All measurements are from the center of APA to the knot center.

Also I give you my spares measurements:

Top Cross: 54.5
Lower spreaders: 75.5



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Re:Nueva V-Masque
« Respuesta #94 en: 13/12/2011, 20:22:55 pm »
Muchas gracias
por su ayuda rápida.  O0 O0 O0