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[color = navy] Hi Paw,

thanks for your prompt reply.

Anubis seems to me a wonderful kite.

Great job and excellent video !!!!!!

If you do not mind, I would like ask you a question. How do you make the kite's construction process from scratch?
I think that to begin make a kite (design, structure, measures, bridle, etc ...) has to be very difficult.
I imagine that it is a continuous process of building prototypes and test but how it is the beginning?

In fact, Anubis looks a very nice kite, we have not tried it to make one ..... but I think that would be interesting build my own prototype, and enjoy with it's way fly.

Thanks a lot of. O0 O0 O0

Best regards.

PS: Sorry for my Spanish español ... I am a little bit oxidized. [/ color]
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Thank you very much...I hope your not mad, but it is for me to difficult to answer your question...but I can téll you one thing: it is not easy to start at zeroand it is very difficult to get where cunstruktors like me are...sorry !